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Sales Tax Rate Table for WooCommerce and Mangento

WooCommerce  is by far the most popular open source eCommerce solution available.  Managing sales tax rate table can be complicated in WooCommerce.  Too many entries in the WooCommerce sales tax rate table will slow down your website.  Our sales tax rate tables are consolidated to utilize the least number of rows.  For example, more than 2500 lines of California sales tax table would consolidated into about 18 rows.  Our consolidated sales tax rate table is an affordable and ideal solution for your business.  Especially for business that needs sales tax rate table for multiple states. Loading multiple state sales tax rate tables into your WooCommerce site will not slowing down your site.  All our sales tax rate tables are in CSV format and can be imported to the WooCommerce tax table directly from the Tools option.

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available.  Our consolidate Magento Sales tax rate table will cut thousands of tax entries into half (e.g. CA Magento sales tax rate table shrink from more than 2500 rows to little over 1000 rows).   Please look for your state and select the Magento e-commerce platform when you buy.

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